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Soccer Net Accessories

Item #: MNF1


Net Fastener

$21.00 $19.95

The Net Fastener is a roll of reusable, 2-sided Velcro® that attaches a net to a soccer goal. The Net Fastener can be cut into lengths to fit any size soccer goal post. It is recommended that 2 rolls of Net Fasteners secure a full-size net to its...

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Item #: 10B3503


Deluxe Bungee Net Fasteners


The Deluxe Bungee Net Fasteners secures nets to any soccer goal with a 4” x 2” square post, a 4” x 4” square post, or a round post greater than 3”. Deluxe Bungee Net Fastener Pack contains 30 in a pack.It is recommended that 3 packs of Bungee Net...

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