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Soccer Net Accessories

Item #: MNF1


Net Fastener


The Net Fastener is a roll of reusable, 2-sided Velcro® that attaches a net to a soccer goal. The Net Fastener can be cut into lengths to fit any size soccer goal post. It is recommended that 2 rolls of Net Fasteners secure a full-size net to its...

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Item #: 10B4301


Net Attachment Straps


The 10B4301 Net Attachment Straps are designed to safely secure any net to any soccer goal. These straps feature an adjustable, Velcro band and are only available in white. One pack contains 30 straps. We recommend 3 packs of the 10B4301 Net...

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Item #: 10B3503


Deluxe Bungee Net Fasteners


The Deluxe Bungee Net Fasteners are designed to secure nets to any soccer goal with 4” x 2” or 4” x 4” square posts, and/or a round post that is greater than 3”. The bungee net fasteners feature a thick, black, elastic cord...

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