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Item #: MT97

Dom Sports

Dom Mini Turbo Ring


Practice ring for Ice Ringette. A bright orange mini ring with a 2" centre hole guaranteed to immediately improve pick-up skills. Improves spearing skills, hand-eye co-ordination, goalie reflexes, passing skills and shooting accuracy. Slides like an...

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Item #: RRG

Dom Sports

Dom gym ringette rings


A safe ring for Gym Ringette. Made of high-optic orange Skinex. The skin is about 1/16" thick which makes for easy sliding and exceptional durability. Suitable for roller ringette on smooth concrete floors. The ring diameter is 16 cm (6").

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Item #: V520

Dom Sports

52" Vision Floor Hockey Set


VISION sticks provide optimum flex and stiffness for better shooting and improved handling, together with the safety of plastic play. See-through shaft not only looks great, it shows the quality construction inside: twin I-beam rib...

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