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Choose Correct Xenith Helmet with this Sizing Guide

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We are committed to providing the resources and information
you need to support your Xenith gear.

Measure 1 inch above the eyebrow and around the circumference of
the head, as shown. If the measurement falls between two sizes, size

up and use comfort pads to further customize the fit.

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Looking After Your Cricket Bat

Taking care of your bat is an important part of being a batsman in Cricket. A perfectly seasoned bat can take you from being a sluggish player to a hitter. Hence, to extend the life of your bat and bring out the best in you, Marchant’s suggests the following:Knocking In & and oiling (Also known [...]

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Duffels & Bags

Carrying a gym bag into the office is just as strange as carrying an office bag into the gym. Every bag has its own purpose, which is why you will rarely find a bag that “fits-all”. Choosing the right bag depends on many different factors such as size, type of goods, and the ambiance of the place it’s [...]

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What is Handball?Handball is a fascinating game played throughout five continents by over 180 countries and 19 million people of all ages, worldwide. From the 1920s it was played outdoors, except in some northern countries, like Sweden, where the game was played in an indoor court. Indoor handball gained popularity in the 1930s and by the mid 1960’s playing [...]

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Fundraising 101Sports fundraising is so critical these days. Whether you are a basketball, football, soccer, or cheerleading organization, the costs of playing sports is getting higher than registration fees and budgets can handle. Most leagues require players to participate in some sort of sports fundraiser to offset costs. The difficult thing is choosing the best fundraising ideas for your particular [...]

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Best CoreFX Equipment For a Full Body Workout

CoreFX is committed to pushing athletes to their maximum potential in order to achieve greatness. They have created cutting-edge products that are strategically designed for peak performance, strength training, and conditioning. The entire product line of CoreFX redefines training and athletic development to harness the full potential of workouts to realize your true strength within!Below [...]

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The 5 Best Portable Scoreboards You Can Buy

MacGregor SK3048 Multisport Indoor Scoreboard w/RemoteIf you’re looking for an ideal indoor scoreboard that can be used for both basketball and volleyball, then look no further! The MacGregor SK3048 scoreboard measures in at 4 feet wide by 2 feet tall and has bright 6" LED numerals, making it easy to read. It is the perfect dimension [...]

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