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Timers, Counters and Pedometers

Item #: TTP7

Time Timer Plus


The Time Timer PLUS has all the features that teachers, students and professionals need. It features a rugged case, durable clear lens to protect its patented red disk and an easy handle to make it easy to take wherever you go. Time Timer PLUS is idea...

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Item #: L10-XC

The L10 Lane Timer


The L10 Lane Timer can be used to time track races with up to 10 lanes as well as road races (cross country, 10K’s, marathons, etc.) with up to 8,000 participants. A Linkgate is provided which connects the 10 lane buttons to a separate unit, eliminating...

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Item #: PED6

Digital Pedometer


Track your progress with this basic pedometer, featuring: 7 days total workout memory, time display, 12/24 hour display format, accurate step counter by digital motion sensor, track: steps, distance, speed and accurately calculate calories burned, and...

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