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Multi-Purpose Storage Carts

Item #: BALW5

5 Shelf "Ball Wall" Cart


Holds up to 50 balls. Wide base and low center of gravity prevent tipping. Made of high impact, UV protected, structural grade PVC plastic. Heavy-duty, ball bearing swivel casters with large, no-mar wheels. Locking brakes secure cart in place with push...

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Item #: W149

DuraCart Play Cart


Play Cart - versatile cart conveniently stores and safely transports up to 30 balls, plus jump ropes, hoops and other play equipment. Each of three colourful baskets measures 19"x13"x10" and features "Easy-to-Carry" folding handles. These carts will...

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Item #: W108D

DuraCart 5 Shelf Ball Cart


5 Shelf Ball Cart - these durable, compact carts conveniently store and safely transport all types of recreational balls including: basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, playground balls and volleyballs. Generous spacing between the shelves allow easy...

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Item #: TOTEC

Tote cart storage unit


Durable, three-shelf cart equipped with 6 removable containers. Large plastic containers (20"L x 15"W x 11½"H) with dual handles. Recessed shelves keep containers securely on the cart during transport. Made of high quality, structural grade...

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Item #: RECRK

Recess Supply Cart


Compact design and generous spacing allows easy access to all equipment. Stores up to 50 playballs plus 50 hoops or 100 jump ropes. Made of high impact, structural grade PVC plastic. Heavy-duty, swivel casters with no-mar wheels. Locking casters secure...

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Item #: PGCRT

Playground Storage Cart


Stores up to 30 playballs plus 50 hoops or 100 jump ropes plus two baskets full of equipment. Two large baskets (18"L x 18"W x 13½"H) with convenient handles. Made of high impact, structural grade PVC plastic. Heavy-duty, ball bearing, swivel...

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Item #: BASKR

Basket Rack Storage System


Basket Rack Storage System- Rack is free-standing and holds 6 removable baskets.- Six, large, heavy-duty baskets (27"L x 18"W x 12"H).- All baskets feature convenient handles on all four sides.- Generous spacing allows easy access to any basket.- Made of...

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