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Giant Game Sets


Item #: CE207

Giant Dominos Set

$154.95 $49.95

Looking to add a new dimension of fun to Dominoes? Check out our Giant Dominoes! Their jumbo size makes them great for kids of all ages!Giant Dominoes are perfect for indoor or outdoor use and are a great addition to family games night. Our Dominoes...

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Item #: CE611

Giant Checker Set


Giant Checker is a fun game for everyone. An ideal way to learn strategy and planning. The pieces are produced to the same high standards as giant chess and are queened with a central movement rod for ease of handling 25cm diameter (10"x4"). Giant Mat is...

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Item #: CE610

Giant Chess Set


A fun way beginners to learn this traditional game of skill and cunning and a totally new dimension to the game for established chess lovers. Pieces stand between 17 inches & 25 inches tall. Mats are sold separately #CCMAT.

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Item #: CE520

Giant Up 4 It


Strategy, skill and of course a lot of luck combine to make this giant version of a well-known game. Take turns to drop your counters into the frame to try to form a line of 4 and stop your opponent from being the same. This game will certainly make an...

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Item #: CE510

Get Knotted


There's massive fun to be had with this giant game for up to 15 players. Throw the two giant inflatables dice to find out which part of your body you have to place on which colour flower. But beware, fall over and you're out of the game! This giant game...

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Item #: CE507

Giant Snakes & Ladders


This takes the traditional game of snakes and ladders to a totally new dimension. This giant version puts you in the heart of the game where you move up the ladders and down the snakes. We've also added some new rules for extra fun! Each giant game...

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Item #: CE50654

Giant Tower


Giant TowerA large wooden game of skill. Build the tower, and then have the players take turns removing a piece, but DON'T let the tower fall! - Each block is 10" long.- 50 pine blocks.- Ages 8 and up.- Convenient carry bag is included.

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Item #: CCMAT

Giant Replacement Mat


Replacement Mat for Giant Chess or Checker Sets. This heavy duty vinyl mat is ideal—it folds up compactly when you need to put it away. Mat size: 10’ x 10’, has grommets and comes with pegs for the grass. Easily washes up with dish soap and water.

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