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Looking After Your Cricket Bat

Posted by Marchants Web Team on

Taking care of your bat is an important part of being a batsman in Cricket. A perfectly seasoned bat can take you from being a sluggish player to a hitter. Hence, to extend the life of your bat and bring out the best in you, Marchant’s suggests the following:

Knocking In & and oiling (Also known as Seasoning)

Every English Willow and Kashmir Willow bat we sell must be oiled or have a sheet of Extratec applied to the face of the bat prior to use. Failure to do so, will make the bat prone to spitting and cracking.


Oiling the bat ensures proper moisture level is maintained in the bat at all times. Proper maintenance of the moisture level, through oiling, will reduce the chance of splitting and cracking. Please note that minor cracks and splits are normal in a bat after mild to moderate use.



1. Use a cloth to apply 2-3 teaspoons of raw linseed oil to the face, edges and back of the bat and spread evenly. Avoid putting oil on labels.

2. Carefully wipe up any excess oils seen running down the bat when held upright.

3. Lay the bat down horizontally facing up for 24 hours after applying one coat of oil to allow proper drying.

4. For best results, repeat above process 3-4 times before first use.

5. Coating with oil is required every week thereafter.

(source: Youtube Channel - ItsJustCricket)

Note: If the bat has Extratec (a clear self-adhesive protective layer), coating oil should still be applied to the section of timber that is exposed.

Knocking In

Knocking in is the process by which the grains and fiber materials of the bat are compressed. This strengthens the bat to prepare it for use. This process is important to maintain the durability of the bat.



1. Use a ball or a wooden cricket bat mallet to knock the bat for 2-4 hours continuously.

2. Start the knocking process by hitting the mallet against the blade (face of the bat), firmly but not too hard.

3. Increase force after an hour.

4. Ensure all areas of the blade, not covered by stickers, are knocked in equally.

5. When knocking the edges, roll the mallet or a rounded object up and down the edge of the bat.

When the knocking and oiling process has been completed, and if Extratec has not been applied, the blade should be tested to see if it requires more oil. To do this, run your thumbnail up the blade of the bat from the toe to just below where the front sticker is. If there is a tiny speck of oil where your thumbnail is, there is enough oil. However, if there is no oil the blade will need to be oiled again. YOUR BAT SHOULD BE TESTED IN THIS MANNER EVERY 3 TO 4 WEEKS TO ENSURE PROPER OILING.

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