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Football Uniforms

Item #: AE-AFB-JSY-110

AthElite Boys Elite Football Jersey


Athelite Boys Elite Football Jersey    . The Elite Jersey is an incredible 14-panel design modelled after the pro style jerseys of today.   . The Elite Jersey is fabricated from a combination of heavyweight 4-way stretch mesh and...

Item #: AE-AFB-JSY-115

AthElite Boys Gridiron Football Jersey


Athelite Boys Gridiron Football Jersey . Our Gridiron Jersey is a belt length, cap sleeve, 7-panel design made from 2-way stretch mesh with double  layer spandex shoulders and side inserts. . The Gridiron Jersey features double reinforced stitching...

Item #: AE-AFB-JSY-114

AthElite Boys Star Football Jersey


Athelite Boys Star Football Jersey . Our Star Jersey is an economical variation of our Warrior Jersey that features a modern tapered fit with. cap sleeve 5-panel design that is both stylish and economical. . It is constructed of high strength, 4-waymesh...

Item #: AE-AFB-PSY-116

AthElite Boys Starter Football Pant


Athelite Boys Starter Football Pant . Our Starter Football Pants are fabricated from the same ultra-durable heavyweight spandex fabric as our  premium line of pants. . The Starter pant features built-in thigh and knee pad pockets,fly-less design...

Item #: AE-AFB-JSY-111

AthElite Boys Velocity Football Jersey


Athelite Boys Velocity Football Jersey . The Velocity Jersey is a pro style 14-panel design that utilizes the latest materials and fabrication techniques.. The Velocity Jersey is constructed from a combination of heavyweight 4-way stretch mesh and ...