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Floor Hockey Sticks

Item #: V520

Dom Sports

52" Vision Floor Hockey Set


VISION sticks provide optimum flex and stiffness for better shooting and improved handling, together with the safety of plastic play. See-through shaft not only looks great, it shows the quality construction inside: twin I-beam rib...

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Item #: G50

Dom Sports

Floor Hockey Gain set 42"


High impact ABS plastic with two internal parallel ribs for a strong yet safe semi-rigid stick. A light-weight, properly balanced stick, allowing maximum control for younger players without compromising safety. For Grades 5-8. Set of 12 sticks (42"), 6...

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Item #: C60

Floor Hockey Cup set 47"


Tough, rigid stick specially designed to take the force of rugged play. ½" fiberglass solid rod provides rigidity and strength and maintains integrity. The Standard (SB-76) blade is used to improve control. For Grades 10+. Set of 12 sticks (47"),...

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