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Floor Hockey

Item #: V520

Dom Sports

52" Vision Floor Hockey Set


VISION sticks provide optimum flex and stiffness for better shooting and improved handling, together with the safety of plastic play. See-through shaft not only looks great, it shows the quality construction inside: twin I-beam rib...

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Item #: C60

Floor Hockey Cup set 47"


Tough, rigid stick specially designed to take the force of rugged play. ½" fiberglass solid rod provides rigidity and strength and maintains integrity. The Standard (SB-76) blade is used to improve control. For Grades 10+. Set of 12 sticks (47"),...

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Item #: TC396

Floor Hockey Equipment Caddy


Transport and store all of your hockey equipment conveniently. Constructed of 1" galvanized tubing with easy roll 8" wheels. Small compartment for approximately 20 each 12" to 18" cones. Large compartment to stand approximately 60 sticks. Two baskets for...

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