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Fitness Upper/Lower Body Equipment



COREFX Covered Battle Rope

USD $148.75

COREFX Covered Battle Rope The COREFX Covered Battle Rope takes our traditional battle rope to the next level. With a commercial grade nylon cover designed to withstand vigorous use, you can count on this rope having a superior lifespan. The COREFX...

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Item #: CFXLMH


COREFX Landmine Handle

USD $33.80

 Corefx Landmine Handle The COREFX Landmine handle can be used in conjunction with the Landmine Post and works with almost any Olympic bar. The contoured ball is great for grip-strength style training and allows for a various...

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Item #: HAR16068


4" Padded Leather Belt

USD $21.78

4" Padded Leather Belt Foam cushioning maintains muscle warmth, while the sueded lining grips your clothing with no slippage.  Heavy-duty double prong steel buckle with seamless roller, so belt closure tightens down with...

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Item #: 48053

Power cage

USD $929.73

Power Cage. Multiple bar hooks provide flexible use of benches for flat, incline, and 90 degree positions. Standard Chin-up bar. Length 55" Width 50" Height 80" Depth 30" Hi-Low Pulley (#48054) OPTION as shown, creates multi-functional work station (not...

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Bosu Sport

USD $127.68

Bosu Sport The redesigned BOSU® Sport 50cm Balance Trainer, a smaller version of the original BOSU® Balance Trainer (65cm), is constructed with the same rim and base style.The sleek, compact design of the BOSU® Sport50cm...

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Item #: ABW1


Concorde Double Ab Wheel

USD $15.02

Concorde Double Ab Wheel The Concorde Ab Wheel will help you build, strengthen and tone your core. The Ab Wheel includes 2 non-skid wheels for added stability when building and maintaining muscular tension through the midsection.

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Item #: CFXHPS


COREFX Power System

USD $40.56

 Corefx Power System Increase explosive power and endurance with the COREFX Power System! There are endless training possibilities as you can customise your workout with the option to use the padded harness or soft-grip...

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