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York Workout Benches

Item #: 55004


YORK STS Multi-Function Bench

Features • A 6-position depth adjustor allows the bench to slide forward or backward by method of UHMW bushing blocks on a chrome plated steel guide rod. This feature makes it unnecessary to disengage the bench from the rack allowing the user to...

Item #: 54037


YORK STS Multi-Purpose Bench

• Designed to reduce low back strain during heavy shoulder work.• Foot rest for added control.• Heavy gauge plastic wear guards protect finish from shoe damage to paint.• Heavy contour foam padding for extra support.

Item #: 4916


YORK 275 Fold Up Slant Board

York’s 275 Slant Board is a lightweight piece with a small footprint that is great for both core exercises and decline press work. The sturdy construction allows for several exercises and the height is adjustable to 4 positions due to an...